Children’s Services by Dr. Susan Yatsky, L. Ac., Dipl. Ac.

We love our children and would do anything for them… But sometimes traditional approaches aren’t enough or only mask symptoms. When you’re ready to say ‘there must be another way,’ call us.

Jonathan Yatsky as a young boy

Gentle Holistic Care for Children

Dr. Susan Yatsky followed a traditional western science path. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with honors with a degree in Biology and went on to earn a doctorate in veterinary medicine at the same prestigious university. She was well prepared for a future in western science and medicine. She had thought that western science had all the answers. But, as often happens, life had other plans.

Her own son, Jonathan, had significant health problems as a baby. After round after round of conventional medications and following the conventional wisdom of the day, her son’s problems were no better and were in fact worsening. It was clear that the conventional approach was doing little more than masking symptoms. She began to search for another way.

Her search led her to wonderful, effective yet gentle holistic solutions for her son. She was so impressed with the results that she pursued extensive training in the modalities used and has been using them effectively to treat patients for the last 15 years.

Her commitment to the health of children led her to found the Indigo Holistic Healing Center. Click here to learn more about Dr. Susan Yatsky, L. Ac., Dipl Ac.

The present generation of children is very sensitive and often highly aware. They have been referred to as the Indigo Children. Because they are so sensitive,  they often are affected by chronic conditions such as  asthma, allergies, ADD, etc. Conventional treatments often do little more than mask symptoms. These children are poised to offer wonderful gifts to our world. However, if they are not healthy or if they are suppressed by medications, their gifts and awarenesses may be suppressed as well. The goal of the holistic healing offered at the Indigo Center is to balance their health on all levels… physical, mental, emotional and spiritual so that they grow up healthy, with their gifts and awarenesses intact. The children, their families and the world will benefit from this wonderful generation of children.

Play area for children

Treatment Modalities

We offer many gentle modalities, all focused on mind-body healing. Children enjoy their visits to our office and enjoy their treatments as they are gentle and loving, while at the same time effective.The treatments are geared at discovering and working on the ‘root cause’ of the ‘dis-ease’. The goal is to rebalance and restore mind-body health.

We offer many child-friendly modalities including: