Acutonics is a safe, effective, comfortable, non-needle acupuncture technique that uses tuning forks to stimulate acupuncture points. Acutonics is a harmonic medicine modality that combines Chinese medicine, ancient healing techniques and modern science to profoundly yet gently transform body, mind and spirit.

The natural state of the body is balance and wellness. Every body function and organ works in harmony with every other body function and organ. Just as cycles are natural to the physical world, rhythms are natural to the body. Our hearts beat. We breathe in and out, we take in and we eliminate. “Dis-ease” results from the dissonance or disruption of this harmony. With Acutonics, carefully chosen frequencies are applied to appropriate acupuncture points to restore balance/wellness. This vibration travels along the energy meridians of the body restoring sound mind, body and spirit.

Provided by Dr. Susan Yatsky, L. Ac., Dipl Ac.

Acutonics tuning forks