Jonathan Yatsky’s Testimonials

Jonathan is a very caring, dedicated, compassionate practitioner who clearly

desires to help people create happier, healthier, better lives. Through his own life experience, he knows how to get there. It’s evident he lives it out personally and that authenticity makes him most effective in leading others, no matter the circumstance in the lives of those who work with him.

For me, seeking help from Jonathan was about my health — regaining my life and releasing the hold of chronic pain following a rare, complicated medical condition. Experiencing pain, depression, and many life changes, I found Jonathan’s unique skill set, perspective, and approach key in helping me move beyond the medical prognosis, beyond what had seemed insurmountable.

I continue to work with Jonathan on my health and on far more… on all that brings full healing to one’s life, to my life. He has a way of making connections and bringing things forward for healing in a profoundly eye-opening yet gentle manner. I have made tremendous progress and I continue to do so with his help and guidance. I believe in his work and I trust him.

I am extremely grateful for Jonathan and if you choose to work with him, I think you will be too.

— Janet W.  

Working with Jonathan has been an uplifting experience for me. He has a new and interesting outlook on his approach to transformation. I live each day with a renewed sense of myself as a result of Jonathan’s guidance. I learn more about myself with each meeting and look forward to the next. Thank you, Jonathan. You are a healer in the truest sense.

— Randi S.

Jonathan is a person unlike anyone I’ve ever met.  Starting in transformation at a young age not only gave him wisdom and insight into human nature, but also has allowed him to hone skills in reading and relating to people that take most people more than a lifetime to achieve. His desire to help people, his love of the human mind and spirit, coupled with his transformational abilities has allowed him to pioneer a new approach to counseling and coaching people; this combination of transformation and psychology allows him to help his clients in a way that works faster and more efficiently than traditional therapy alone. I know, because I have tried both ways.

Jonathan has been my coach for a couple of years; when I started working with him, I was a bit of a mess. All areas of my life have improved because of his help. I’m physically and mentally healthier; my marriage and other relationships are stronger; I have developed a deeper faith in myself and my abilities, as well as more self-awareness and inner peace.

There are almost no words to completely describe how Jonathan has helped me and my family. His guidance has been the greatest gift I have ever received.

— A.R.

My highest praise is reserved for Jonathan because of pure admiration of the inspiration and guidance he has provided in my life. I am grateful for the gift he is for all who know him. He is a change agent for the greater good!
— Ken S.

Jonathan is an extraordinarily skilled therapist. He is so easy to talk to and has a way about him that makes me feel like I can bring up anything… and it will all be ok. Jonathan has given me tools to take on my life to get what I want. Because of Jonathan, I feel like I can handle any situation that comes my way! I love working with him and he has helped me live a life I am truly proud of.

— J.B.P.

My name is Tom, and I have been a client of Jonathan’s for about two years. He has been incredibly helpful for me. He has a gentle, caring nature that makes him very easy to talk to. He has an almost magical way of drawing a person out of their shell and getting them to communicate with him. He also has a way of getting right to the heart of a problem and gives great advice to help work through it.

Jonathan is especially good at helping people deal with emotional upsets. Recently, I was very anxious and worried about some exams I had to take. So anxious in fact that it made me physically ill. I was flat out in bed for almost a week with weakness, a fever, chills, and I felt awful. I was worried I wasn’t going to be well enough to get on a plane and travel to take my exams. I spent an hour on the phone with Jonathan talking about what was worrying me. He used NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) healing to help me work through my anxiety, and I immediately started to feel better. By the next day I was well enough to travel, and went to take my exams. I passed all of them. I don’t think I could have done it without Jonathan’s help.

I feel very lucky to have Jonathan in my life. He has helped me grow so much in the last two years. He has helped me become a better person, and my life is better because of it.

— Tom R.

I have known Jonathan Yatsky professionally for about three years. The first time I saw him in action, he was leading The Course, a program he and his team developed that teaches distinctions that help us see how our unconscious response to past experiences influences our present behavior. Through discussion and experientially, Jonathan led this powerful weekend that gave participants tools that could literally change the course of their lives by helping them see the roots of behaviors and actions getting in the way of them leading their happiest, most productive lives.

In my personal sessions with Jonathan, I appreciate his extraordinarily keen listening, insight and wit to help me see things in my blind spots where I did not know I had blind spots.

I truly appreciate my work with Jonathan and I am really excited about the prospect of him teaching these tools to the broadest audience possible.

— Mike P.

I love working with Jonathan. He is friendly, kind, and open. I make meaningful advancements in every session with his expert guidance. I highly recommend him to any person who is working to create an amazing life for themselves.

— A.C.

Jonathan is an excellent listener and counselor who is very easy to talk to. He provides me with a new perspective, including insights about myself that I would not otherwise see along with advice that I use to improve in my life, including my relationships. Jonathan is truly gifted and I highly recommend his services to everyone!

— Andy P.

Jonathan Yatsky is the only counselor I would recommend to anyone and everyone. An unconditionally loving attitude is the sign of a proficient master and he encompasses this trait with authentic ease. Unresolved issues that block your progress are worked through as he illuminates areas that are in need of work. As your psychological tour guide, he is a skilled and trusted confidant with a built in GPS map. A direct route which gives a clear picture of how to gain personal control over the quality of your experience. With Jonathan’s help, you ultimately build harmonious and satisfying enjoyment into what happens day in and day out. Allow him to pass the map key to you. What awaits is your peace of mind.

— Gracey M.