Dr. Susan Yatsky’s Testimonials

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Long ago, after years of visiting doctors and trying many different types of treatment, I accepted living out my life in pain. Then I met Dr. Susan Yatsky through the treatment of another. The more I got to know her, the more my trust and respect grew. As a result, I thought I’d make an appointment to see what she had to offer me professionally. Along with Barbara Smith at Indigo Healing Center, what Susan offered was a whole new outlook. I found myself in a healing process I had previously determined was no longer possible. There is such a unique quality to the holistic treatment provided by Susan and Barbara that it’s difficult to convey the difference in their approach unless you experience it yourself. What is easy to convey is that Susan and Barbara are dedicated professionals who value and embrace each person in their care. Within that care lies hope – not management of symptoms – hope for healing and wellness in every sense. Hope, healing and wellness are redefined under the care of Susan and Barbara. Their motivation, commitment and sense of outcome set them apart. They are gifted healers living out their potential to bring others to their own.

I was a novice to Eastern, holistic medicine when I started treatment with Dr. Susan Yatsky. As a nurse, I was trained in Western medicine, and I was apprehensive of this type of care. From allergies and kidney disease to high blood pressure and bronchitis, I lived with medical issues my entire life and I was used to being sick. I had given up on my health and myself. I believed being sick was my baseline, and I should deal with it. Treatment with Dr. Yatsky has changed my life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am in control of my life and my health. Everything has dramatically improved for me including my career and my relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and business associates. I have a brand, new life. I cannot begin to thank Dr. Yatsky for everything she has done for me. The Indigo Holistic Healing Center is a sanctuary of health; it is a place where every person cares for you as if you are her best friend or family member. If you are feeling at all nervous about starting treatment, please give yourself the greatest gift. What are you waiting for? You’re worth it. 
– Ann C.

My health has dramatically improved because of you. My asthma and allergic reactions have decreased and I am able to breathe easy again. Daily stress is just melting away. I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to my well being. Your dedication is evident in your every move. I feel like an angel when I am in your care. I will continue to recommend your services to everyone I meet.
With Much Gratitude,
Jamie P.

From Darkness into Light is how I describe my healing journey under the care of Dr. Susan Yatsky. At age 51, after four years of visiting doctors and complaining of fatigue, anxiety, sleep disturbance and heart palpitations, I was finally diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. At that time, my radiologist said my thyroid uptake scan was the most severe he had ever seen. Because of the severity of my condition I accepted the recommended medical treatment-radiation of my thyroid. My 10 years experience working in a hospital had taught me that conventional medicine usually treats the symptoms but not the causes of illness. Therefore, after my radiation treatment, I sought the help of Dr. Yatsky. My goal was to have her help my body recover from the damage caused by several years of significant hormonal imbalance. Dr. Yatsky used a combination of Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, and Acutonics to identify and treat my imbalance. Using Intuition and guided by Spirit, she also helped me examine my life in order to address the underlining causes of my illness. I learned that I had lost touch with my true self and I recognized how that affected my health. That realization catapulted me into a process of looking inward to see what was missing. I am now on a journey of self-discovery. A year later, I am healthier and happier. I am more authentic, confident and courageous. I am now willing to take risks in order to live by my own Light. Dr. Yatsky transformed my health and my life. I am forever grateful for her guidance and companionship.
– Janet W.

I first heard about Dr. Susan Yatsky when she was a holistic veterinarian. Our black lab had a severe, stubborn eczema-like skin condition and was biting himself raw. After going to a veterinary dermatologist who prescribed long term steroid treatment, we wanted a better alternative. My wife heard of Dr. Yatsky, a Penn educated veterinarian who had turned to holistic methods after she sought this type of care for her son’s allergies and was impressed by his success.  Dr. Yatsky’s success with our dog was nothing short of amazing. She used a variety of different treatments, none alone that unique, however, she uses a diagnostic technique that matches the specific treatment to the individual patient. This method and her success caught my attention because I am in the pharmaceutical industry. I know there is no “placebo effect” with a dog. Years went by and I learned more about the diagnostic technique called muscle testing. I heard a story from a successful and trusted friend about he had seen this technique used to help make better business decisions. When I saw that Dr. Yatsky opened up a practice to treat people, I immediately called her – for business consulting. We discussed my business issues, but my first visit quickly turned to issues affecting my health and well being. Over the next few months I overcame certain stress and sleep issues that had affected me for so long I had given up on them, thinking they were simply part of my basic nature. These dramatic, positive changes are difficult to relate in writing. One of the most impressive examples of her care happened very recently. I have been a competitive distance runner for many years. Recently, I had been training for the Broad Street 10 Mile Run. I have always run this race in under 60 minutes, however this year, I had significant knee pain that was not responding to ice packs or ibuprofen. The pain was not going away, and getting worse. I had to rest the knee so much that I was afraid I would not be able to compete. I was gathering names of orthopedic surgeons to contact when I asked Dr. Yatsky if she could help. After one treatment, my knee was 80% better. A few weeks later, after immediately resuming heavy training, my knee feels so much better that I would not give it a second thought except in amazement of the improvement.  My reason for writing this testimonial is that there are growing numbers of holistic and alternative practitioners. It is very difficult to determine who is the “real deal”. Susan Yatsky has honed her skills for years in her veterinary practice and now offers her care for people. She has developed extraordinary abilities. I cannot guarantee everyone will achieve the phenomenal results I have, but I feel compelled to recommend her as often and as strongly as I can to help others who can benefit from her remarkable care.
Mike Precopio
, President,Summers Laboratories, Inc.

For years I made the trek to the New Britain Animal Clinic to see Dr. Susan Yatsky. Even though the drive was an hour each way, this was the best possible care for my black labs, Maggie and Baloo. Over the years I have seen some amazing results including curing incontinence with 1 acupuncture treatment and some herbs. My dogs responded so well to Dr. Yatsky’s holistic methods that I often wished that I could find the same holistic treatment for myself. During the past several years I have been suffering the effects of Lyme Disease – migrating joint pain, aching knees, extreme fatigue, muscle twitches, and sudden sharp pains in various joints and muscles. Despite numerous visits to specialists, no one was able to provide any help or relief. When Sue became a certified acupuncture practitioner, I was overjoyed and first in line for treatment! The results were almost immediate – after several treatments, about 80% of my symptoms disappeared and my overall health and well being improved dramatically. Now, a year later I am symptom free and feel better than I have felt in several years. I am continually amazed at how fantastic I feel after a treatment and feel so grateful to have found such a wonderfully caring and dedicated health practitioner.
– R.E.